We are closing our Hüttenweg location as of June 15th, 2017. Online services are still available. We will gladly make recommendations. Please contact us via our contact form. Thank you. Ingo and Capri Tophoven.

Blue Skies Counseling – Coaching – Consulting GbR is a private-practice business owned by Dr. Ingo and Capri Tophoven. Capri and Ingo are US-educated, clinically-trained counselors each with 20+ years of professional experience. This summer (2015) Dina Gehr joined our team. You can read more about each counselor on Our Team page. 

In staff meetings the Blue Skies team switches back and forth between English and German (and sometimes Swiss German). Clients love that we can cover professional work in native-level English or German, thus eliminating cultural and language barriers that can stand in the way of making therapeutic progress. At Blue Skies we understand cross-cultural dimensions of counseling. They are close to our professional and part of our personal and family identities. Also, we believe progress does not have to take years. We have been known for producing solution-focused results, not endless years of counseling. 🙂

Blue Skies is based in Berlin, Germany, but our clients come from as far as North-America, South-America, Asia, the Middle-East, and right here in Europe. All of our services are strictly confidential.


  • 32-Hour Intensive Marriage Restoration Program (MIRP)
  • 16-Hour Premarital Intensive Training  (PIT)
  • Prevent Divorce Ongoing Marital Check-Up (PreventD)

Other Services

  • Individual Counseling (Adults, Children, Adolescents)
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Multi-Cultural Teams Coaching
  • Trauma Care
  • Mid-Career Transition Coaching
  • Professional Athlete Life-Coaching
  • Embassy and Expat Support Services
  • English and German Psychological Testing Services
  • Custom Webinars and Seminars
  • Pro-Bono/Low-Cost Services

Schedule your first free 50-minute session today. Call us at +49/(0)30 8472 1375 or use our contact form. We will respond within 24-hours.

Thank you for stopping by!

Ingo, Capri, Dina