Marriage Checkup

Something for couples not in crisis.

We call it PreventD. 

At Blue Skies we want to be part of solutions. We are in the business of helping marriages succeed. We realise not all marriages will make it, regardless of counseling. However, during the last 20 years, much research has been done on what successful couples actually do to make their relationships last and to maintain a high level of overall marital satisfaction. In our divorce prevention program PreventD, we have put together a program for couples that incorporates the richness of all research and depth of wisdom from many couples that have lasted in life-time marriages. It’s a marital checkup program that also teaches proven marital skills. The program is similar to prevention efforts we encounter in the medical world. The PreventD program runs throughout the year and offers couples that are not currently in crisis an effective method to stay well and to scan for signs of trouble in their marriage. Here is what you get when you sign up for PreventD:

  • Twice annual, double-session marital check-ups with Dr. Tophoven (4x 50 minutes in total)
  • Two individual and two couple tests to assess individual and couple health (4 testing units in total)
  • Monthly ‘marriage success’ newsletter with topics on divorce prevention, couple health, communication, and many practical tips to maintain and grow your marriage
  • Free access to all of our online webinars and local seminars (usually about 24 events, but events are subject to change)

The PreventD program is an annual commitment. It is automatically renewed at the end of the year and can be cancelled by sending us a simple email that says you want to cancel (after your 12 months commitment is up). All you do is sign-up, set-up an automatic payment to Blue Skies (39 Euros/monthly/468 Euros/annually, which includes 19% MwSt – German sales tax), and then sign-up for the first round of testing and your first two sessions with Dr. Tophoven.

Contact us if you are interested in joining PreventD