Marriage Preparation

At Blue Skies, we LOVE doing thorough marital preparation!

You need training for pretty much anything, except for marriage. Why not? Why not learn what works in marriage before you get married? Why not prepare by knowing what you bring into a marriage and what are the danger signs of your evolving couple dynamic. Research tells us much today about what works in marriage and what will not. If two partners know themselves well AND get trained to enhance their arsenal of successful marital skills, their chances of making it for the long haul improve dramatically. We firmly believe that the best money a couple can spend is towards proper premarital preparation (our biased point of view, of course). Here is how it works:

Welcome to the PIT! (Pre-Marital Intensive Training)

The PIT is designed to help couples truly understand their emerging couple dynamic and train them in all areas of understanding their relationship and then build a toolbox that establishes a strong foundation based on research of couples that report long-lasting, satisfied marriages. Prevention goes a long way and we believe a thorough preparation can prevent much pain and headaches later in a couple’s marital life. We unashamedly say that we are doing one of the most thorough pre-marital trainings possible. Our goal is to prepare individuals for a life-time of marriage. In order to do so, the couple must be prepared to go beyond a few fun-filled sessions of pseudo-preparation.

16-Hour Premarital Intensive Training (PIT)


  • 16-Hours of Therapy & Training With Dr. IT
  • Psychological Assessments (Individual & Couple)
  • Intensive ‘Homework’ Package” for Preparation (To Be Finished Before Sessions Begin)
  • 1-Hour Post-Wedding Follow-Up Session
  • Evaluation Time (Homework and Testing)
  • 6-Months E-Mail/Phone Follow-Up/Support

The PIT makes a great wedding gift. Many parents and grandparents have decided to put their contributions into something as meaningful as increasing their kids or grandkids odds in creating a lasting, satisfying marriage.

Note: Dr. Tophoven is a SYMBIS certified marriage consultant. Blue Skies does not promote SYMBIS alone, but integrates the assessment into the entire PIT assessment and counseling/training process.